Angela Lurssen “Back A Buddy” Champion

In April of this year we were approached by Angela Lurssen, who had entered the Ironman (South Africa) and asked if she could be our Champion to help raise funds for the Centre.  We naturally of course, jumped at the idea although when we heard what it entailed we were so relieved that it would be Angela who would be taking on such a feat.

Post Ironman logo

This lady proved to us that this challenge needed to be renamed Iron(WO)man as what Angela took on and endured showed us that when you put your mind behind something, there is no stopping you.  I suppose similar to that which Denay Saunders has done to create The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.

So on the 14th April, Angela completed her first full distance Ironman (South Africa)  – a pure beast of a challenge!

A 3,8km sea swim [with shark search helicopters of all things] along  with a 2,000 athlete swim start – pure carnage, a 180km bike ride and then finishing it off with a 42km marathon and all to be done within the 17-hour cut off time.

A lot of dedication and extreme training had been undertaken by Angela to prepare for this journey, as originating from England this included getting up at the crack of dawn during the harsh UK winter, with cycle starts in the dark, snow and rain, temperatures sometimes only a mere 4 degrees riding for 7+ hours against the wind.  Hours in a pool and regular running training.

In her own words, Angela admitted

“At times I’ve doubted if I should even try to attempt this, but the support has been amazing and I’m always up for crazy challenges – I blame that English Channel swim!  Anyway, it’s too late to turn back now and I’m off to Port Elizabeth to take on this beast. I was going to keep this really quiet as I’m nervous and have quite a bit of self doubt, but knowing I can make a difference is a strong motivator”.

This year Angela chose to support us, The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre – Angela, an avid animal lover found her way to help give back at the same time as she was giving her all to complete the marathon.

To read more about her experience and this amazing Woman, with nerves of steel, who picked up the gauntlet on our behalf to help save the animals in our care, click on the link below

The Uitsig Family and Other Animals, would like to say “thank you” you truly are our Champion.  We look forward to seeing you again soon where all the animals will afford you a ‘Hero’s’ welcome.

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