Animal Behaviourist – Scotty Valadao


I have been involved with dogs my whole life and have been working in the canine profession, on a full-time basis since 2002. I have obtained accreditation from the ABC of SA™ (Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA™), am a registered behaviourist with SABCAP™ (SA Board of Professional Animal Professionals™), I am a qualified dog training instructor, endorsed to instruct Puppy Training Groups and Basic Home Obedience classes, a veterinary nutritional adviser and have completed a Basic Animal Behaviour (Canine) certificate course at Technikon Pretoria. I have completed Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience with the Animal Care College (U.K.), obtaining a distinction.

I am also qualified as a Tellington Touch Practitioner, and find that the combination of behaviour modification and Tellington TTouch brings about fantastic results. My passion is sharing this knowledge with owners, as when you understand why your dog is engaging in a particular behaviour, you then have the knowledge and tools to change that behaviour. I have a passion for working with dogs that exhibited fear and reactive behavior, as this is almost stemming from fear and the manner in which I work obtains good results.

In order to share this knowledge I am a regular guest on the Udo Carelse (previously Leigh Bennie) slot on 702 radio and the Dog Behaviour Expert on Health 24. I offer regular workshops on different aspects of canine behavioural concerns to educate owners and have completed in-depth research with storm fear phobia in dogs.

Under the auspices of the ABC of SA™, I was instrumental in starting a free general newsletter to the general public, giving them further knowledge and a wealth of information on their pets. I have passed on that responsibility due to work pressures.

I am the founder of Friends of the Dog website which offers free advice to owners of dogs on all different aspects. This launched on 14th February 2011.

Certificate: Animal Behaviour Consultant Cn (ABC of SA™)
Registered: Canine Behaviour (SABCAP™)
Certificate: Tellington T-Touch Practitioner
Certificate: Puppy Socialization & Basic Home Obedience – South African Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (SAADOI)
Certificate: Basic Animal Behaviour ( Dogs)  – Technikon Pretoria
Certificate: Louise Hay (Facilitator)
Certificate: Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience(Distinction) – Animal Care College,( UK)
Certificate: Veterinary Nutritional Adviser I (Hill’s)
Certificate: Clicker Training

Canine Obedience Instructor
Veterinary Nutrition Adviser (VNA)

Mobile: 082 928 0102
E-mail: scotty(at) :

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