Come and Run a “Uitsig” Husky

Slider Husky

As all our regular walkers, husky runners, visitors and supporters know Uitsig houses a number of huskies (and Nikita the honorary husky) in Skye’s haven on the farm.

These animals need a lot of exercise.  The exercise requirements of the huskies are considerable as these dogs have been bred for hundreds of years to run … and run … and run, for kilometre upon kilometre.

Exercise activities to keep huskies happy and healthy can include running, swimming and sledding. Depending on the age, health and diet of a husky these dogs can require between 5 kilometres and 10 kilometres of running or sledding a day. The walk club initially also walked the huskies on Saturdays, but it soon became evident that these walks were not nearly enough exercise for these agile dogs. In order to provide the huskies with more suitable exercise we contacted some running clubs to get them involved.

So far we have been lucky enough to have some local runners from various running clubs, mostly in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town offer their services in giving these gorgeous hounds their weekly exercise. Currently we have two running groups, one on Tuesdays and one on Saturdays.

Our Saturday group also includes Jaco, who comes out with his bicycle on Saturday mornings to do husky sledding with the doggits on the farm. However, our Saturday group has been thinning and they are looking for some additional runners to come and join them early on a Saturday morning.

Currently the groups set off quite early in the mornings due to the weather. Huskies should preferably not be exercised in temperatures above 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, so our runners set off at day-break, currently at around 7 o’clock in the mornings. However, this time does change according to the seasons. During the warm summer months, our runners set off at 5 o’clock and as winter approach and the temperature cool and the sun rises later the starting time will be adjusted accordingly.  However, the regular runners and Anyway, the husky caregiver will keep runners abreast of the time change.

Our husky runners also have their own Facebook group, called Uitsig Huskies which you can join and see what the huskies and runners are up to. If you are a runner or part of a running group please consider joining our dedicated running teams to keep the Uitsig huskies happy!

The harnesses are ready and waiting and we just need runners to take up the challenge and the leashes! Please email if you are interested and I can put you in touch with the various running teams!


Willemien Viljoen

On behalf of the Uitsig Walk Club

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