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Uitsig is constantly in the throes of extending the facility, upgrading or refurbishing.

From the beginning they thought the proposed layout and plans put into action would suffice but as the centre has grown they have had to organise a major reshuffle.  Camps have been reassigned and some rebuilt to ensure the best for all concerned and their current plans now include

  •         Completion of Puppy Quarantine Area
  •         Completion of Cattery extension and seating area
  •         Boarding Kennels
  •         New Comer Assessment / Quarantine Area
  •         Stable Stalls & grazing area
  •         Animal Hospital Veterinary Centre
  •         Water system upgrades
  •         Pigs paradise
  •         Juvenile kennels
  •         Extra camps

Puppy Quarantine:  It has  proven necessary to move the puppy quarantine from its original situation to further afield purely to ensure that there is an adequate distance from general population to prevent any type of infection.   A camp has been erected but the surrounding area still needs to be completed to allow for an exercise area and workstation.

  •         The gate area needs to be paved
  •         An additional fence needs to be erected
  •         A workstation needs to be built
  •         A shaded area needs to be erected in the exercise area
  •         The structure needs to be painted
  •         Irrigation needs to be installed
  •         The lawn needs to be planted

The following materials are needed for completing the area.

  •        Cement paving slabs, 20 square meters
  •        Weld mesh, 30 meters
  •        Wendy house / Workstation
  •        Shade netting, 80 %, 20 square meters
  •        Poles, 3m long, 8 poles
  •        40 meters of 40mm class 6 irrigation pipe
  •        100 meters of 20 mm class 6 irrigation pipe
  •        Fittings for 40 mm and 20 mm irrigation pipe
  •        30 meters of hose pipe
  •        60 square meters of roll on lawn.

Cattery: To compensate for the current growth of the kennels it was necessary to change the entrance of the cattery and surrounding fencing as it had become engulfed by the dog camps. Furthermore, it is planned to erect a garden area for social interaction with the public and an interactive jungle gym for stimulation of the cats themselves.

Cattery extension and seating area

The area directly adjacent to the cattery would be converted into a seating area for the Kit Kat Club members and potential new owners where they would be able to interact with the cats in a garden environment.

Materials needed:

  •       Chicken wire fencing, 1.2 meter height x 200 meters
  •       3.4 meter poles x 36
  •       2.4 meter pole x 41
  •       Gate
  •       Outdoor tables and chairs
  •       Pots for plants
  •       Wooden planks for climbing gym
  •       Paving x 30 meters squared 

Boarding Kennels:  Uitsig have recognised that in order to keep the facility open and their family together they need to see where they can help themselves.  Therefore, one of the projects that have been brought to the forefront on the ‘to do’ list is to build boarding kennels for

  •  Owners vacationing who need to know that they have entrusted their extended family where they will be confidently looked after.
  •  Those in the process of moving and needing an interim ‘safe haven’ for their babies
  •  Animals requiring secure premises for a duration of time while matters of custody are resolved
  •  Aim – to build 7 kennels
  •  Size – 3 x 10 meters each
  •  With 2 exercise areas of 35 x 13.5

Materials needed:

  •   21 square meters roofing
  •   54 running meters of wall or vibracrete at 1.8 meters high
  •   18 running meters of wall or vibracrete at 1.2 meters high
  •   10 gates
  •   188 running meters of fencing

Assessment Centre: This is the one camp that has been rebuilt time and time again as the population grew.   Our decision to circumvent this from happening again is to re-erect the assessment center away from the general population.   It is our hope that this can then be extended to accommodate an infirmary in the future to be set up for on site veterinary visits.

The proposal now is to convert the existing stable block and rebuild the horse stalls on another area of the farm.  This would be the most economical approach as the main line structure is already in place.

  •    84,3 meter roof sheets
  •    3.4 meter lentil
  •    500 bricks
  •   20 bags cement
  •   6 cubic meter stone
  •   70 square meters paving
  •   300 1.8 meter poles
  •   300 meters fencing wire
  •   6 cubic meters river sand

Other materials will be required but plans are currently being considered as to actual needs

Water system upgrade: The water system on the farm is under pressure and needs to be upgraded.  We need to replace most of the existing pipes as they are inconsistently sized throughout the area or needing repair.  The plan is to “ring main” the water on the farm to ensure that there is even pressure throughout.

Materials needed:

  •  500 meters of 40 mm class 6 irrigation pipe
  •  Fittings and clamps.
  •  Ball valves

New / Extra camps:  forearmed is forewarned!

Two large camps and four holding camps are now required, these camps will be made available to the dogs currently housed in the ‘office’ area thereby freeing up this area up for its intended use.

Furthermore, Juvenile Kennels Camp areas: are required as camps are designated according to age, size, socialisation and breed.   Sadly, puppies arrive and spend their formative years at the center to help them adjust we need to have an age appropriate area

Materials needed: x 2

  • 240 meters of 1.8 diamond mesh
  • 20 bags of cement
  • 2 x cubic meters of stone
  • 65 2.4 meter poles
  • 4 x gates
  • 4 x 9 x 6 meter Wendy houses

Pigs Paradise: newly assigned area to be cleared and fenced off.  This project has currently been started so that there is a secure ‘sleeping’ area for each group as well as an ‘outdoor’ area where they can stretch their legs and do things that pigs do during the day.  Included will be a small dam in which they can have their daily mud baths.

Materials needed:

  •  1.2 meter high fencing x 120 running meters
  •  Roof sheets, 1.2 meter long, x 24
  •  Poles 106 x 1.8 meters length
  •  Shade cloth, 80% x 50 square meters

Horse stables: new stable / stalls with feed room are to be built for the horses with a fenced off grazing area.

Materials needed:

  •  To be advised

Training / Exercise field: to build an Agility training exercise area

Materials needed:

  •  To be advised

Building Materials used in general, although everything is truly appreciated and will be adapted for use where possible.

  •  Shade Cloth – 90%
  •  SA Pine – 10 x 24m x 76mm x 46mm Purlings
  •  6 x 24m x 114mm x 38mm Roof beams
  •  40 x 24m x 38mm x 38mm Battons
  •  10 x 18mm x 1200mm x 2440mm Shutter Board


  •  2 x 5000ltr water tanks (Nel Tanks)
  •  400m x 25mm High pressure pipe
  •  200m x 15mm high pressure pipe


  •  16 x 900 x 1800 steel gates
  •  4 x 1,8m x 30m Diamond mesh
  •  2 x 8 gauge straining wire x 50kg roll


  •  Concrete Pavers
  •  Vibracrete Slabs & Risers
  •  Roll on lawn

Misc Building Materials:

  •  Nuts, Bolts, Screws
  •  Cement
  •  Sand & Stone
  •  Waterproof sheeting
  •  Etc.,
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