Imagine, what it’s like to feel

Just close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to feel

That the whole world is against you, a kind hand surreal

The fear that drives you forward but also holds you back

As any sudden movement could mean some form of attack

Where food and water eludes you, so you scavenge what you can

As you need to feed your hunger but can’t rely on man

Your thoughts are for your safety underlined with primal fear

As whom can you turn to, to trust to get you out of here?

You’re tired, your eyes are heavy and you just want to sleep

But for you that’s a luxury as you need to constantly peep

You’re body’s sore and broken but you have to soldier on

As in the eyes of others it is you that’s in the wrong

There’s one thing that keeps you going, your spirit deep inside

That tells you in a moment there will be no need to hide

The inner voice that instils your faith, the need to carry on

The belief that something good will follow keeps your heart so strong

That gentle words will be spoken, a kind hand to touch your face

As out there, there is somewhere, a very special place

Who are changing lives ONE by ONE, with care and even fun

So you can run freely and have your place in the sun



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