08 May 2021

It takes the average human 11 seconds to count to 23, how long does it take to find 23 dogs a home?

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre knows exactly how long it takes, and it’s taking too long.  Established in 2009 with a passionate mission, to be the voice that speaks and stands up for animals who can’t, the centre is now in crisis. Fast forward to October 2020 when Uitsig was unexpectedly evicted from the land on which they operated, meaning that all of our resident rescue animals were left homeless. The rescue centre worked tirelessly for months thereafter and have secured loving homes for all our cats and most of the remaining dogs. As time and money run out, Uitsig is now seeking some pawsitive outcomes for the Final 23 adult dogs waiting to be adopted.

Since losing our land, Uitsig has also experienced a big dip in funding from the public, which Sam Reid, Chairperson of the NPO explains, is to be expected; “What the community doesn’t realise, is that while we may not have land anymore, we have not stopped seeking homes and funding for our dogs. We are eternally grateful to our magnificent colleagues at Fallen Angels who have stepped up providing shelter and support, but we must and we will find homes for our last 23.”

Each dog is ready and (very) willing to find a forever home, explains Reid: “We take our responsibility towards our animals very seriously and can promise that our dogs receive regular healthcare, are dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and have plenty of love to give! And in return we insist on a quick home check prior to an adoption being finalised. We will not hesitate to tell a potential parent if we don’t believe the dog is a good fit for our home, and vice versa. We work closely with adoptive parents to make sure that each homecoming has a happy ending, for everyone.”

“Some of the Final 23 have only ever know the inside of a camp; and while they are looked after and cared for, domestic dogs yearn for human companionship.  We are running out of time and money, but never out of hope!”, says Reid. “I must add that all of our adoptees are well socialized and we are well aware of any quirks in their personalities, that could influence where they can be forever homed. Adoptive parents should feel free to ask any questions and raise any concerns they have, prior to adoption”

It’s easy to adopt, simply reach out to Uitsig via our Facebook page and check out the profiles in our orphans folder

Sam Reid can be contacted on +27 82 926 8160 via sms or call