Canine Competence Certification

The Canine Competence Certification is a program put together with Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre and Kevin Beeby to give basic training to the dogs to showcase the true potential and capabilities of those that would otherwise go unseen.

So many times these poor souls are returned to the rescue centres, not because they are problems, but because they have no idea how to behave and interact in the home environment.

Our aim is to give an opportunity and chance to those that without are often overlooked, to present to all, what we see every day, how truly unique and special they are.

Teaching the dogs, leash training and basic commands developing a relationship of interaction with the trainer preparing them for when they are adopted into a family.

  • Sit & Down
  • Wait & Stay
  • About turn, left & right
  • Walk on & Heal

And to keep it fun, we have built an agility course of jumps and obstacles, contact


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