Walk Club

Dogwalking Silhouette PNG

Elsa Basson, who has many years of experience of volunteering at animal rescue centres, is the founding member of the Walk Club at Uitsig. Elsa saw the need for the dogs at Uitsig to get some much needed exercise to drain their pent up energy, as well as the need for some love and attention. The dogs also needed socialising and lead training to make them more adoptable and to teach them how to interact with humans (especially those that were rescued as puppies and have never had their own homes).

In early 2012, and with still only a handful of Walk Club volunteers, a committee was formed with the aim of planning Walk Club activities, as well as ways of promoting the growth of the club, whilst at the same time giving Uitsig more exposure and hopefully more adoptions. Out of this was born the idea of communicating with volunteers on a regular basis so that they could feel part of the Walk Club “family” and could receive positive feedback and acknowledgement for their contributions that they were making to the dogs at Uitsig. So, a regular monthly newsletter was started in May 2012, and this has resulted in a huge growth in terms of the number of people that turn up regularly to walk and run with the dogs on Saturday mornings.

Should you be interested in joining in the activities, please contact us on hello.uitsig@gmail.com  for more information, please check out our  Uitsig Volunteer Brochure

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