Animal Street Trading – Road Side Animal Selling – (AACL)

With the holiday season fast approaching and the city abuzz, it is noticed that there is a substantial increase being received in complaints regarding the Sale of puppies and other small animals at the road side.

According to the Animal By-Laws, any person dealing in the sale of animals must have a permit.

All too often the people we encounter selling the animals are not permitted to do so and the animals for sale are in poor health and neglected.

The AACL is opposed to any animal being sold at the roadside and they are appealing to all Capetonians to be vigilant and to assist us in trying to control this problem. Should a member of the public come across an individual selling puppies or any small animals, we ask you to contact

Post animal anti cruelty league

Law Enforcement on 021 596 1999.

We plead with the public NOT TO PURCHASE the animal but rather to distract the seller and keep him/her occupied until Law Enforcement arrives. If you are unable to stop, ensure that you get the exact location of where the sales are taking place and contact Law Enforcement with the relevant details.

REMEMBER by buying an animal at the roadside you are creating a market – after all, it is all about supply and demand! You may be saving one animal today, but by tomorrow there will be two more being sold in its place… Contact: Law Enforcement 021 596 1999.

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