Back a Buddy Champion “Wing Walking – Angela Lurssen”

Wing Walking for Charity

Dear Friends and fellow animal lovers,

The challenge is Wing Walking on the 17th June:

Def: noun – acrobatic stunts performed on the wings of an airborne aircraft as a public entertainment.

As terrifying as this is (just looking at this picture brings out a cold sweat), it’s for a cause I care deeply about, Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.  Uitsig, an animal sanctuary in Cape Town are faced with the prospect of having to shut their doors and will potentially need to euthanize around 500 animals if they cannot find a replacement home.  They have been given 3 months notice on their land due to the plans to build low cost housing and things are looking bleak for our furry friends.  I have worked with these dogs, cats and horses for over two years now and the thought of this happening is too heart breaking to fathom.  Please help so that they can find a new home.

If you have a few pence / pounds to spare (or any other currency), please sponsor me.  This challenge, for me, is scarier than swimming in freezing shark infested waters (Robben Island swim in 2012) but I’ll do anything to save our friends at Uitsig.

or make a EFT to Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, First National Bank, A/c: 6244 0434 398 – Branch: Table View 203 809 – Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Ref: Name / Wing Walking

Article from Table Talk News dated Wednesday 28th May, 2014 – Clement Deane

Angela Lurssen  A former Milnerton resident and extreme sportswoman is putting her life on the line in a daredevil stunt to help save the lives of more than 500 shelter animals.

So just how far are you willing to go for charity?  How about walking on the wings of an aeroplane mid flight?  Former Milnerton resident, Angela Lurssen, 38, is willing to go more than the extra mile to raise funds and awareness for the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, based in Fisantekraal.

Angela grew up in Milnerton but left for the “bright lights of London” when she was 22.  She travels to South Africa regularly to take part in extreme sports, such as the SA Iron Man competition, and to raise funds for a worthy cause.

The worthy cause in question – the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre – has been served notice by its landlords to leave by the End of June.  They now need enough money to buy a new property and move the 500 plus animals to the new premises, assuming that they can raise the funds in time.  When Angela heard the news, she reckoned risking life and limb for the animals and volunteers was the least she could do.

“I know there is a massive urgency to raise the money to save 500 lives at Uitsig, and I decided on wing walking because, even for me, it’s pretty extreme and a good way to get people to sit up and take note of how much their help is needed,” says Angela, who also volunteers at the centre when she returns to Cape Town.

She has taken part in other extreme sports events, such as swimming the English Channel solo in 2011, where she raise more than R150,000 for different charities.  Angela also took part in the Robben Island Freedom Day Swim and raised funds for Uitsig during past Iron Man Competitions.

Champion for Charity

Angela has done stand-up comedy and also danced at the opening of the 2012 London Olympics.

She plans to do the wing walking for Uitsig on her birthday, Tuesday June 17th.  The plane will fly over the English countryside for about 30 minutes.  It’s a first for Angela – she has never walked on the wings of a moving plane before. “I am terrified of heights.  It took me a few attemps to abseil down Table Mountain – that’s how scared I was.  The closest I’ve come to something similar is doing 15 minutes of aerobatics for charity last year.”

But, her daring feats have not gone unnoticed.  The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is grateful for Angela’s bravery and determination to save more than 500 animals.  If they cannot secure a new home for them, most if not all, may have to be put down.  This is why the centre’s administrator and marketing director, says there is no room to fail.

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