Report Dog Fighting SPCA

“Remaining silent kills innocent victims and increases the battle for the others to survive.  Don’t allow this to happen to another innocent animal.  They deserve better than that.  Give them a voice to end their suffering”

Dog Fighting

Signs of Dog Fighting

  • Multiple dogs at one location and chained separately.
  • The dogs seem unsocial and are never in contact with one another
  • Dogs with large heavy chains around their neck.  This strengthens the neck and upper body for the dog to be stronger in a fight
  • Dogs with excessive scarring or wounds on their bodies, faces and limbs.  Front canine teeth missing.  This dogs are used as practice dogs for champion fighters
  • Unusual number of people coming and going at odd hours, often with dogs
  • Cheers or crowd noise coming from the location but no barking or growling.  Dogs are generally deadly silent during a dogfight.
  • Home made treadmills for conditioning the dogs
  • Break sticks (often the handle of a broom or a hammer that is flattened at one end.  These are used for breaking the dogs apart
  • Poles used to run the dogs in circles
  • Large water buckets for washing both dogs down so owners cannot put toxins on the dogs before a fight.

Please be a voice for the victims

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