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This document outlines the requirements stipulated by Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre for any person, organisation or group who wishes to undertake fundraising in the name of our organisation.

The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is a non profit, charitable organization whose aim is to promote quality of life for animals.

To this end, there is an expectation that all people who represent our organisation will present themselves in a professional manner at all times and conduct their activities in such a way to inspire confidence, trust and respect in the organisation.

Please take a moment to read through this document as it outlines your responsibilities as a fundraiser.

Protocols for Fundraising in the name of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre appreciates the support of all individuals who wish to undertake fundraising activities of behalf of the organisation. However, to manage risk and organisational liability, it is necessary for all individuals to follow a protocol as outlined below:

  1. Provide written information (Complete the online Request for Permission to Fundraise form) at least one month prior to the proposed event/activity in order for us to have the opportunity to review and grant permission timeously.
  2. Agree not to take any risk which may result in injury or death to oneself or others and sign a waiver excluding Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre from any responsibility or liability for any injury or death which may result from the event/activity.
  3. Agree to uphold the values and principles prescribed in this protocol.
  4. Agree not to take any action or display any behaviour, which may damage the reputation, brand and/or credibility of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre
  5. Agree to deposit into Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre Fundraising Account within 14 days of the fundraising event using the Reference number generated by approval of your Fundraising Request, along with a
  6. A full record of events (including contact details of all sponsors/donors) must be submitted to our Administrator via email. This enables us to keep accurate track of funds raised and thank and acknowledge all parties involved.


Should you wish to just arrange for donations or delivery of items from a company or person that you know?  Contact us via email to make arrangements.

  1. General Fundraiser: raising monies for centre operations and all aspects thereof.
  2. Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre reserve the right to allocate funds raised and donated as they see fit to benefit those at the Centre.
  3. Specific Fundraisers: Veterinary, Sterilisations, Micro-chipping, Centre Projects, will be used solely for the approved purpose.  However UitsigARC reserve the right to use not more than 20% of the funds raised towards the Centre’s daily operational costs if needed.
  4. Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre reserve the right to determine the requirements stipulated at the time of fundraising application approval.


Letter of authority to fundraise

It is a legal requirement that Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre approves and authorises all community fundraising. Approval will be granted when Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is satisfied that your fundraising activity complies with the values and principles of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre and these guidelines.

Once your application has been approved, these guidelines will form the basis of the terms and conditions of the community fundraising activity.

How can Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre help you?

Once your fundraising activity has been approved, the marketing and fundraising team will keep in touch with you and your progress and may be able to assist with the following:

  • Listing your event on our website or social media pages
  • Donation receipts for you to give to donors
  • Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre representative to attend your event (dependant on availability)
  • Providing a fundraising kit which includes banners, collection tins etc.

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre will NOT be able to provide the following:

  • Reimbursement for any expenses incurred.
  • Contact lists for you to use in promoting your event (due to privacy legislation).
  • Uitsig Animal Rescue staff to help coordinate or run the event.
  • Any other general assistance in organising and marketing your event.
  • Applications for permits, licenses, or insurances required (these are the responsibility of the fundraiser)
  • Prizes, auction or raffle items.

Use of Uitsig logo and charity number: Any promotional materials or use of Uitsig logo, name or charity number will need approval from the marketing and fundraising team before your materials are made public.

Creating Fundraising promotional materials: Also, all materials you may wish to create for your fundraising event MUST be approved by the marketing and fundraising team prior to publication / distribution on any platform (digital/print/social media or other).

Your responsibility as a fundraiser

You will be representing Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre to the community. It is your responsibility to manage and coordinate your community fundraising event, budget, finances, prizes, publicity and/or goods and services required to run the activity in a professional and transparent manner.

It is important to realise that your fundraising activity is not an Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre event, but a fundraising activity to raise funds for and on behalf of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre and as such is governed by the protocols and rules in this document. You must make this clear when writing correspondence or promoting your community fundraising event. You must choose any of the following phrases:

  • “Proudly supporting Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre”
  • “Proudly supporting (Project’s aim) and Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre”
  • “Proceeds raised will go to support Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre”
  • “Proceeds raised will go to support (Project’s aim) and Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre”

Other things to take note of:

If you require receipt books, keep them in a safe place at all times and they must be returned to Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre at the end of your community fundraising event.

  • All receipts must only be given to people who donate R500 and over. This excludes purchase of administration tickets or raffles, donation of goods and services or purchases made at auction.
  • You will need to consider whether you need insurance to cover your fundraising event to protect both yourself and your participants. The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre will expect you to sign the waiver form provided as we cannot provide public liability insurance for most fundraisers.
  • You are responsible for generating your own publicity. Any media releases will need prior approval by Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.
  • It will be your responsibility to obtain any police permits, liquor license, gambling, food or other permits for your community fundraising event and you must abide by all legal regulations.

Values and principles underlying this policy

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre representatives have a responsibility to conduct themselves in accordance with a way as to demonstrate the values of the organisation which are:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Best informed practice
  • Commitment
  • Positive attitude

People acting on our behalf are also responsible for supporting our Mission Statement and must be mindful of the philosophy of working within the charity sector. This philosophy refers to the need to understand the limited resources available within the organisation and that we are a service organisation whose responsibility is to provide a culture of caring and empathy with the needs of our target group.

All people conducting fundraising on our behalf will do so in such a way as to exemplify the highest standards of conduct. This includes the following behaviour:

  • courtesy and respect for everyone
  • openness and honesty
  • refraining from using inappropriate or offensive language or gestures
  • exercising reasonable care and discretion
  • observing all appropriate laws or ethical accountabilities
  • refraining from endorsing particular products, pharmaceuticals or treatments
  • refraining from any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Not making any public comment to the media and referring all media inquiries to the Chief Executive or her delegate if the Chief Executive is absent.
  • Using the resources of the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre lawfully, efficiently and only for professional purposes.
  • Adhering to appropriate child protection requirements
  • Opposing any form of discrimination against employees, members or volunteers based on race, religion, sex, political views, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, sexual preference or family responsibilities.

 I agree to abide by the values, principles and protocols outlined in this document

Name:        _____________________________________

Date:          _____________________________________

Signed:     _____________________________________

 “Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed”  Mahatma Gandhi


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