Howling Success Stories

Not for the faint hearted…

Counting our Blessings

Being involved in Animal Welfare is no easy feat, as it can both break your heart and also bring you tears of joy but once you do take part it is addictive as seeing those that have no voice makes you want to shout even louder so that they can be heard. Each and every one is unique, they have their own stories some of which are hard to believe and make you question the likes of humanity, but once they are in our care they stand a chance, and I mean that by knowing they will be given every opportunity is where it starts to get easier.  You look past the physical problems, the sadness as with time these animals during their healing process they learn to trust, they will forgive and offer unconditional love to all embracing life once again.    This page is a TRIBUTE to those where we count ourselves lucky they came into our lives

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